General Care Instructions

Caring for your embroidered items:

Hand-washing and air-drying are your gentlest options.

When machine washing an embroidered item, turn the item inside out to protect the embroidery from abrasion. When possible, avoid washing embroidered items with items that have metal hardware such as zippers. 

Don’t leave items soaking in water or in a damp hamper. Never wring out or rub a stained embroidery design. Pack lightly in machine with like colors. Dry immediately in a cool/warm dryer or lay flat and air dry.

Your item has been pre-washed so shrinkage won't be a problem. 

If you will be ironing you embroidered item, either use a pressing cloth over the embroidery, or iron on the back. Don't let the iron touch the embroidery directly.  Use dry heat and avoid the steam feature on your iron -- steam can cause the stabilizer to shrink up, creating a puckered look.

 How to care for a non embroidered item:

All of our fabrics are pre-shrunk so your bag is safe to wash in the washer on gentle and dry in the dryer on low to medium heat. Remove promptly to avoid wrinkling. If your bag needs ironing use a low to medium heat and avoid any nylon zippers as they can melt. 



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